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We give you space.
For your ideas. For your innovations. For your thoughts. For your dreams.

We give you space.
For your partners. Your colleagues. Your customers. Your friends. Your loved ones.

Your benefits

The 3 rooms


Our main hall offers space for up to 50 people. Tastefully designed and stylishly furnished. The technology impresses with its ease of use and is state of the art.

DERRAUM is flooded with light, at ground level and wheelchair accessible. It also has its own entrance, exclusively for your participants.


The TRESORROOM of the former bank conveys security and concentration on the essentials. While other rooms lack daylight, it would even be disturbing here. Your participants concentrate fully on you and your topic.

Tip: Only open the safe door again when the conference objective has been achieved 😉


The SITZUNGSRAUM can also be used as a break out room for the other rooms.

DASBREITEHOTEL in Basel am Rhein gelegen.

*** ganz schön anders. Aussen pulsierende Stadt, innen gradliniges Design. Das durch und durch nachhaltige und barrierefreie Integrationshotel schafft eine bemerkenswert entschleunigte Atmosphäre.

Zürcherstrasse 149
4052 Basel, Schweiz

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