The guest bonus in Basel

With the personal guest card, the city of Basel lies at the feet of our guests. You can use public transport and surf the city’s guest WiFi free of charge. For cultural and leisure activities, you pay only half: Museums of Basel, Basel Zoo, Theater of Basel and much more.

During the whole stay

  • Use of public transport
  • WIFI on various hot spots in Basel

One-time 50% discount on

  • admission to museums
  • entry to Basel Zoo
  • admission to Theater Basel (only applies to tickets purchased at the box office)
  • a tour on the sightseeing bus
  • the walking tour of the old town
  • public trips on cruises offered by Basler Personenschifffahrt

BaselCard - THE guest bonus for our guests

BaselCard - launched at the beginning of 2018 is becoming a real hit.

DASBREITEHOTEL in Basel am Rhein gelegen.

*** ganz schön anders. Aussen pulsierende Stadt, innen gradliniges Design. Das durch und durch nachhaltige und barrierefreie Integrationshotel schafft eine bemerkenswert entschleunigte Atmosphäre.

Zürcherstrasse 149
4052 Basel, Schweiz

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