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We guarantee you the best prices, offers and availability if you book our hotel in Basel directly (online booking, telephone, e-mail, fax or directly at the reception).

Exclusiv advantages for direct bookers

Should you find a cheaper price somewhere else than directly with us, we will refund the difference and grant you a discount of 5 %. The best price guarantee applies to the regular rates. The price found on another website must be for the same date, same room category, same number of guests and overnight stays, same hotel, same conditions and restrictions.


Social project

The best way to support our social commitment is to book directly (without commission) - thank you!

DASBREITEHOTEL in Basel am Rhein gelegen.

*** ganz schön anders. Aussen pulsierende Stadt, innen gradliniges Design. Das durch und durch nachhaltige und barrierefreie Integrationshotel schafft eine bemerkenswert entschleunigte Atmosphäre.

Zürcherstrasse 149
4052 Basel, Schweiz

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