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Rewarded as Design & Lifestyle hotel

DASBREITEHOTEL in Basel has been awarded and classified as a “Design and Lifestyle Hotel” by hotelleriesuisse.


The complex construction of the Breitezentrum contrasts with the metropolitan surroundings of the hotel with its motorway, railway, main road and tram. The differences between inside and outside create a tension. Darko Stula of the Basel architects Larghi & Stula (now TrinklerStulaAchille) succeeded in placing DASBREITEHOTEL convincingly and timelessly in this area of tension.


The expressive and at the same time warm and sonorous bordeaux red and black of the lobby, coupled with clear lines and forms, is deliberately broken up by the ceiling lighting designed by the artist Kathrin Kunz. The hard urban edges are confronted with soft and natural elements in organic forms.

The ceiling drawings were based on photographs of trees from the immediate vicinity of the hotel. Kathrin Kunz transferred the silhouettes of the branches, which are partially dissolved by light reflexes, onto paper using graphite powder. These drawings were enlarged and printed on the fabric of the illuminated surfaces. These branches can also be found on pictures in the hotel corridors.

The long corridor lines are rhythmized and optically shortened by niches in the room doors and illuminated areas above these niches. The warm grey tone of the walls gives off a pleasant and distinguished atmosphere.

The discreetly restrained design of the rooms concentrates on the essentials. The forms are simple, the lines clear and unnecessary details have been dispensed with. In this functional atmosphere, the finely grained dark brown parquet flooring and the differently coloured ceiling in each room provide warmth.

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DASBREITEHOTEL in Basel am Rhein gelegen.

*** ganz schön anders. Aussen pulsierende Stadt, innen gradliniges Design. Das durch und durch nachhaltige und barrierefreie Integrationshotel schafft eine bemerkenswert entschleunigte Atmosphäre.

Zürcherstrasse 149
4052 Basel, Schweiz

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